Miracle Worker Still In Business

Eyes closed and chest hardly going up and down slightly.
Her mom next to her, holding her hand pressed against her face firmly while quietly crying.
This isn’t the situation any parent imagines ever to have to be in..
But it happened.
The girl’s friend who was in the passenger seat at the time had been showing her images and videos on her phone, whilst now to everyone’s dismay,..The girl was driving. And also looking over at her friend’s phone’s screen.
And no one ever thinks it’s going to happen to them.
We’re not invincible; we don’t not apply when it comes to bad things that could happen, that could so easily have been avoided too.

The girl’s father enters the room now, having been able to get out of work to come see his daughter, and comfort and be there for his wife, in the direst hour.
The mom chooses to speak, and says “They’ve tried..honey… They’ve tried….”
He comes close and hugs her from behind where she sits next to the hospital bed.
He doesn’t say anything. He simply, and sorrowfully,—but trying to be strong..Gives her a kiss on the cheek.. .
She, overwhelmed, turns to give him a biig hug.
She asks out loud over his shoulder,..”How is this God’s plan?,..”
Her husband lets out a sigh, and says, “Honey?…I don’t know”
They sit there, in an embrace which possess such strong love—passion-filled love.. For at least five minutes. Then gently damping under each others’ eyes.

The mom decides to pray, out loud. “Lord?… I don’t know what you are doing but it’s gotta be good,.. right?..,” Her husband smiles a little and wipes under her eye with his pointer finger,.
She continues on…, “Lord God I know you are here. I know you know what’s going on right now and it is under your control so.. Please if it pleases you bring back our daughter..”
She leans on his chest with her eyes closed now.

Around just a minute later,… They hear, “Beep…Beep..Beep, Beep, Beep—” The sound of her heart beat going faster and faster and they desperately look over at her face, and slowly.. Her eyes flitter open.
Both parents gasp and get closer to her. The mom speaks first. “Sweetie?.. Mommy’s here. Daddy’s here. How are you feeling?” It’s like a heavy weight that was once on her parents’ shoulders was now magically lifted.
The daughter weakly spoke, “I’m…I’m okay,.” Her parents together are holding her hand now, with such relief and love and such joy replacing the scared, sad, distress they just minutes before felt inside of them.
“We have been right here praying for you, the whole time. And thinking of you and—” Her voice starting to break, the daughter reassures her, “I’m okay mom, it’s okay. God was with me.”
The dad joins in, “You are so right, pumpkin.”
Then he laughs a little, hugs his wife a little tighter, and says, “I guess God decided to keep you here with us a little while longer.,” Here they all smiled.


Life & Wonder Feelings

Life & Wonder Feelings

Let me set the scene..

Steve and his good friend Meredith are sitting on top of a big rock, partially in the shade of a spanish moss tree, overlooking a lake a little ways off.  They’re relaxed atop it, escaping the everyday busyness of life and responsibilities.

She looked to be in thought, so Steve asked, “What are you thinking about Mere?,”

“Ohh stuff; Life stuff”

“Lay it on me,” he urged, always caring about what she had to say.

There was a momentary silence, Mere thoughtfully finding the right words..

“You know the saying that goes, ‘life is what you make of it’?, Well I think that’s pretty true.”

“How so?”

“Well it’s up to us what our life will be, and whether or not we have a good time. I mean following God’s Will along the way of course ya know”

“Yeahh,” Steve said, agreeing and listening.

“Life and the people you meet and the places you go and.. just the experiences we have, are all up to us, and the decisions we make to do those things,..”  Her forehead was furrowed, thinking out loud, to Steve.

And he was following along best as he was capable with what she was saying.

Then Steve, attempting to add more optimism to the conversation, said, “Well you know we’re also never alone,, And no one is meant to go through the adventure of life alone, so that’s nice.”

Mere slowly nodded, still in a more serious inclination.

Then he additionally added, “And also, thankfully, the gracious God of the whole world is taking care of everything,” Here he playfully nudged her a little, “even our futures.”  A small smile sat upon Steve’s face; there was so much love in this man.

Steve and Meredith’s friendship reached back as far as, well around seven years, now.-

Here now Mere was a little more comforted, and reminded, of the fact that we can always have help with life, and that friendship makes all the difference.  “Thanks for being there..,” she humbly said, with such genuinity and soft-kindness in her heart.

The two of them just continued sitting, in comfortable silence, enjoying the breeze, what they could see, the smell of the outdoors, and that the other was there.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

He was walking behind her with his hands on her shoulders, guiding his girlfriend who was covering her face with her hands.

“Alright. Almost theerrreee,” he announced.

They walked a few more steps, then he gently stopped her from continuing forward and said, “Alright you can open your eyes now.”

She removed her hands and opened her eyes and was struck with awe, gazing around at the beautifulness that was the scenery.

He had taken her to a beautiful, out-of-the-way waterfall next to a smallish cliff, from which they were now standing.  Vines and trees and leaves and clover were covering the forest floor almost everywhere in sight, with the lovely and gorgeous waterfall pouring into a stream down below.  It was, indeed beautiful to witness.

“Oh James it’s beautiful! Thank you..,” she smiled at him then back down at the scene.

They both enjoyed, mostly her though, the wonders nature had to offer.  James knew this.  So he took her someplace nice and beautiful, for Valentine’s Day.  They had such a nice time, enjoying each other’s company above everything else.


The rest of the story could very well go on, but I’ll leave it to the reader to imagine what happens next/what became of them

and Happy Valentine’s Day one and all. ~

That Climber Life

“Hmmm; it’s looking grey,” Rachel noted to herself, looking up at the sky through the front windshield of her jeep.  She was planning to go rock climbing, and her backseat had everything she’d need for the afternoon (not including a harness or rope or anything like that, though.  That’s not how she ‘rolled’).

“Guess we’ll see how much I can get in,” she thought out loud, referencing how many hours might be available to her, to climb, hopefully before a storm perhaps rolls in.

Rachel had enjoyed rock climbing outdoors for several years, though most times she went by herself because her friends’ lives seemed to be busy a good portion of the time.  She didn’t let this bother her though, or stop her from going.  She was optimistic, and always up for a challenge, so she was always looking for new spots to try [to climb].

She arrived at her destination, got out of her jeep, unpacked her stuff from the backseat and found a good place to set them down.  She ended up putting her stuff next to a tree.  It was a little windy, and dry as always, her living in Arizona.

So she now stood, hands on her hips, assessing the large rocks and mountainside just ten feet in front of her, seeing what she had to work with today.

She powdered her hands some, made sure her shoes were tied well and tight (she always did this right before climbing), breathed out slowly, ready to go.

Before we know it Rachel is a third of the way up already, using the skills and knowledge she possesses.  Her arms and the rest of her body strong and agile.

The sky’s getting darker now; for the clouds are closing in and growing more and more heavy with water by the minute; and the wind’s picking up fast.  Rachel’s ponytail gets blown into her face, so she pauses a second to move it out of the way which forces her to notice the bad weather just about to hit.  “Uh oh..”

She realizes it’s time to stop and get down before everything gets wet.  But the weather full-out betrays her and lets loose a huge wave of rain down where she is.

With rain running down her face, and her clothing starting to quickly become drenched, the rock she’s on is becoming so hard to continue to grip.

Slowly, and very carefully, she’s trying to climb down, and wishing that she had brought some powder with her for her hands or better shoes or—she’s just hoping to get down the safest, and slow way, rather than the terrifying-quick, and coincidentally, painful way, for I will put it that way.

So Rachel is making it, so far doing well at climbing down.  In fact she’s amazed that she hasn’t fallen or something.  But right as she thinks she’s doing well, her hand slips off the rock and she’s sliding down a part of it so fast and then stops on a very small ledge.  At least she’s closer to the ground now.  “Oh God keep me safe,” she says breathlessly.

Thankfully from here on out the mountain is less steep, so she makes it the rest of the way down alright.

“Thank you, God,” she breathes out, relieved.

So Rachel quickly grabs her things under the tree, which helped them at staying a little dry, and hops into her jeep and heads home.

“What an adventure,” she concludes to herself.  But she half-laughs and says, “But I wouldn’t go through it again.”

“I wonder what adventure awaits for me next time?”  she thoughtfully inquires, with a small smile upon her damp face.

Ocean, vast and true

Sarah-Beth was gradually walking, one small trudge at a time, deeper and deeper into the vast blue body of water we call ‘ocean’. The lovely breeze blowing her dirty-blonde hair behind her, eyes fixed on the orange-pink horizon where the water kissed the sky…

The water and tiny waves were flowing past her, as if to make way; and her friends and people on the sand a ways back, were dancing and laughing together to fun and lively folk music.

Sarah-Beth had this deep, and long bond with the water. And the water and her, are one..you could almost say… She loved the water, and was raised to love it, learning from a very young age to surf, which is not uncommon for children in Kauai.

Her hand was flat, over the top of the water, feeling the energy of the ocean. She loved her friends and family no doubt,–for she did fiercely, but the water was different… It beckoned her.. So sometimes she would just go out into the water, at least to waist-deep, just appreciating and soaking in the ocean’s majestic rhythms and warmth, and just the beauty of what God had made. How soothing to the soul.

She always wore a necklace with a cross in the middle and an ocean wave on each side of it, symbolizing her love for God and the water. Some would say, a little jokingly, that she must have salt water rather than blood, flowing inside her.

With one last short gaze at the horizon, she then started back to the shore to join her friends, this beautiful day in Kauai.

Two Young Souls

She was sitting up against some wall, and, looked up from her book and saw that a boy was watching her, in awe, it would appear to be.
Trying to not let it distract her though she changed her sitting position and rotated her body so her eyes wouldn’t accidentally meet his again if she happened to look up. After around a few minutes had gone by she thought back briefly to the boy who was watching her. Why was he watching her? She decided to ask him..
“Hey.. Why are you watching me?” she warily asked, having no idea why someone would.
“I’m sorry. I was admiring you ” he genuinely replied. He had a soft tone to his voice.
“Admiring..?” Delilah was very confused at this point.
“Yeah” he said, with a more cheery voice this time and smiling. His whole being seemed to mirror what he said. “You’re a beautiful sort of human, I can tell,” he added. He possessed an innocent heart, this boy, and an eye for a truer beauty, that not many hold inside of them anymore (truer beauty,) .
“Umm..Thank you?” she said.
“Sorry, yeah,–like I mean you have a beautiful soul, a love for stories, for adventures. I can tell by the way you were reading that adventure novel”
She was astonished. But also couldn’t help being slightly creeped out because he was staring.
“Do you stare at lots of people?” she decided to ask, to see what he’d say.
“Only the ones with truly beautiful souls. I don’t see people like that too often” he said pretty matter-of-factly, with a small smile on his face, and his whole body seeming happy and full of cheery random energy, too.
She just looked at him, head cocked ever so slightly, not really creeped out anymore. She now noticed that his eyes seemed sincere and warm.
“What’s your name?” she willingly, and less accusingly asked,–even with, additionally, a somewhat interested tone in her voice you could say, if you saw her.
“Peyton.” he said.

After a few minutes of them further talking we, as if we were really there, would notice then that her book was no longer in her hands, but next to her, sticking out of her bag where she had put it at some point to talk to the boy instead.
I can tell you that these two souls became so close, like two peas in a pod. Almost always together, exploring and adventuring and telling stories and growing closer..

Their ending, we do not know for certain, for anything could happen. But I bet you all the change in my piggy bank back home, which is quite a lot a bit of change, that their bond lasted for as long as they both lived. I know it. I can feel it.

mainstream faves

mainstream faves

Sun beams and fireflies,

Water drops and butterflies.


Wild flowers and lakes,

Peanut butter and flowered drapes.


Cookie cutters and children laughs’,

Belly button and toddler claps’.


Picturesque skies and chocolate bars,

Pink cotton candy and cute cars.


Baby bibs and glue dots,

Chandeliers and antique clocks.


Tomato plants in your back yard,

Dancing in the kitchen you love postcards.


Laughing ’til you cry you eat ice cream,

Staying up all night dreaming.